Best Characters To Defeat Oceanid In Genshin Impact


While there’s a variety of bosses and mini-bosses in Genshin Impact, Oceanid is a singular boss. Why? Because it might summon over eight several types of mimics within the type of totally different creatures. These creatures embrace Frogs, Ferrets, Cranes, and extra. As it’s proof against Hydro assaults, all of those creatures are resistant and proof against hydro assaults as nicely. So, which characters do you have to select to beat Oceanid? Here’s our information on one of the best characters to defeat the Oceanid in Genshin Impact.

Best Characters to Defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact


In addition to the Hydro characters, Oceanid can be ineffective in opposition to Anemo and Dendro elemental kind. But they’re weak in opposition to the Cryo, Pyro, and Electro elemental characters. So, listed here are the characters which might be finest fitted to defeat Oceanid:

Lisa Minci


With her skill to freeze close by opponents, Lisa can freeze and use electro assaults repeatedly upon the Oceanid. Her elemental Skill, Violet Arc can apply a stack of Electro conductive standing on him. If you employ Kaeya together with her, their combo can defeat Oceanid very quickly. Make positive to make use of Lisa’s stacking assaults and Kaeya’s freezing assaults to destroy Oceanid.



Also generally known as Smoky Scarlet, Yanfei is a Pyro elemental character that may defeat Oceanid. Her elemental expertise and burst can do nice injury. Although her pyro assaults are efficient, you would possibly want a healer or a defend character like Noelle and Diona.

Ganyu to defeat Oceanid

As she will be able to use bows, this Cryo elemental character can use long-ranged assaults in opposition to all of the flying mimics of Oceanid. Her elemental expertise and bursts aren’t solely efficient but additionally improvetheir crucial fee from the second hit. She can also freeze and soften her opponents. With an incredible DPS construct for Ganyu, she will be able to defeat any mimics of Oceanid simply resulting from her Cryo factor.


Keqing is perhaps one of the best Electro-type character out of all in opposition to Oceanid. She is without doubt one of the strongest characters and has a particularly excessive DPS. In addition to that, she is the quickest and nice with crowd management. Due to those components, she will be able to battle with totally different mimics of Oceanid with ease.

Kujou Sara and Fischl


genshin impact best characters oceanid

Both of those characters are Electro elemental characters with immense robust elemental expertise. As Kujou Sara is proficient with bows, she will be able to cope with long-ranged assaults. While Fischl’s elemental talent can summon an Oz, an evening raven that may assault the close by opponents concurrently. Their combo balances out lengthy and close-ranged assaults which could be a deadly risk to Oceanid.

That’s every part to know on one of the best characters to defeat Oceanid in Genshin Impact. If you favored this information, take a look at our different guides on the finest DPS characters and finest crew comps in Genshin Impact proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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