Who Are Pierre Poilievre Parents? 

Pierre Poilievre’s information about his birth parents is not available on the interent.

Pierre was adopted at birth by the schoolteachers family of Fransaskois heritage. His adoptive mother’s name is Marlene Poilievre; however, information on his adoptive father is not accessible right now.

According to Marlene’s Linkedin, she is a teacher at the Calgary Board of Education. As per Poilievre Wikipedia, the 42 years met his maternal grandfather in adulthood. His grandfather is of Canadian-Irish ancestry.

What Religion Pierre Poilievre Follows And What’s With His Racist Controversy?

Being a member of the Conservative Party of Canada and being a white Canadian, we presume Pierre Poilievre is of the Christian religion.

To be precise, there isn’t much information written about his faith and beliefs for that matter. He was adopted by schoolteachers of the Fransakois community. And, the people of the French-speaking communities adhere to Christianity mainly.

Regarding this topic, further extensive research is needed, and with that, we assure our readers to get back to them as soon as new information comes to light.

Talking about the racist controversy surrounding the 42-year-old, in criticism to the handling of the current truckers protest or Freedom Convoy 2022. Pierre criticized Justin Trudeau, the Candian Primninster, for the handling of the protest.

He tweeted photos of the Prime minister looking at a man holding Canada’s Flag with a Nazi symbol in the middle; the photo was taken from the rally back in 2018. In the post, he wrote, “Trudeau calmly looked at the racist holding this flag at his event and said: “Thank you for coming Sir.” 

Talking about another racist incident associated with Pierre,m he once made offensive and harsh comments regarding the natives(aboriginals) in 2008.  According to ctvnews, he said, “Canada’s aboriginals need to learn the value of hard work more than they need compensation for abuse suffered in residential schools.”

Is Pierre Poilievre Bilingual?

Yes, Pierre Poilievre is bilingual. Pierre was adopted by his parents from the Fransaskois community, which is a French-speaking community.

People of the Fransaskois community speak French which is also their mother language.

So, being brought into the household, he sure is fluent in French and English as well.