Elden Ring: How To Beat Bell Bearing Hunter & Tips


Bell Bearing Hunter is an non-obligatory boss in Elden Ring. You can battle him at a number of completely different places like Warmaster’s Shack, Church of Vows, Hermit Merchant’s Shack, and Isolated Merchant’s Shack. He additionally drops a good chunk of Runes and completely different Bell Bearings as rewards when defeated. So on this information allow us to test beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring and a few suggestions for it.

How to Beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring


elden ring how to beat bell bearing hunter

You have to assault the Bell Bearing Hunter after he’s accomplished utilizing his combos, then deplete his well being to defeat him. These are among the notable strikes he makes use of within the battle that it is best to study earlier than difficult him.

  • Shield smack and burst: Bell Bearing Hunter will smack his protect on the bottom. This assault by itself is harmful, however generally he can comply with it up with a burst of vitality. This burst assault covers a sure space. So when you see him getting ready to smack the protect, roll again to get out of its assault vary.
  • 3 slash combo: He mostly does a three-slash combo. He begins with a proper slash, adopted by a left backslash and he’ll end it with a thrust assault. He can even do variations of this with completely different 3 slashes however he’ll nearly at all times assault in a slash-slash-thrust combo.
  • Charged seize: He will cost his hand with purple vitality and attempt to seize you. This is a comparatively sluggish assault, when you begin seeing his hand start to glow again away to dodge this assault.
  • Charged slash combo: Sometimes he’ll cost his sword with purple vitality and do slash assaults. He is probably to do it once you run out of his vary. He will do this by making his sword float and performing the combo from a distance.
  • Drill cost: He will cost his sword with purple vitality and rotate it in a drilling movement. Once he’s prepared he’ll sprint and use it as a thrust assault.


Once you could have these strikes down dodge them and time your assaults and you’ll defeat him very quickly.

Tips for Bell Bearing Hunter boss battle

  • When this battle begins throughout his spawn you may land a number of hits earlier than he begins preventing again. If you might be fast sufficient it is best to no less than be capable to land three hits. Depending in your weapon you would possibly even land 4 or extra hits.
  • Try breaking his poise. If you time your assaults nicely you may break his poise and stagger him. Attacking him whereas he’s staggered will chip away much more of his well being.
  • The finest time to assault him is when he’s accomplished along with his set of assaults and is getting ready for the following. Try attacking him on this window to soundly assault him and run away to dodge his subsequent combos.


That covers this information on beat Bell Bearing Hunter in Elden Ring and a few suggestions for it. If you propose on difficult different non-obligatory bosses then test our guides on beat Flying Dragon Agheel, Putrid Crystalian, and Astel on this recreation.

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