Elden Ring: How To Beat Putrid Crystalian & Weakness


You can use the weak spot of Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring to beat it. This is an elective boss within the sport and never a straightforward battle. It may be an annoying battle because of the drawback of numbers you’ve in it. But when you defeat it you get the Comet Torrent Sorcery. Thus in case you are searching for it then this battle is a should. So let’s simply shortly test tips on how to beat Putrid Crystalian within the sport.

How to Beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring

elden ring putrid crystalian how to beat and weakness
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You can beat Putrid Crystalian utilizing Strike weapons towards their weak spot. This battle shouldn’t be tough due to the strikes however fairly because of the quantity sport. It is extremely really helpful you utilize a summon for this battle. If you might be unable to summon a pal then it’s best to use the Mimic tear. Another nice various for it’s the Banished Knight Oleg summon. This ought to allow you to even out the numbers a bit. Now allow us to test tips on how to battle them.

  • Use your summon be it your pal or mimic tear or the banished knight to battle Putrid Crystalian (Spear).
  • You the participant ought to go to battle Putrid Crystalian (Staff).
  • As for the remaining Putrid Crystalian (Ringblade), ignore it.
  • You can steer your battle away from it in order that it focuses in your summon.
  • When you battle the Putrid Crystalian (Staff), focus extra on backstab and assaults that break poise. This will take chunks of its well being shortly.
  • Try ending this battle shortly as a result of in case your summon dies all three will begin targetting you, thus lowering your probability of victory.
  • After taking out the primary one go battle a Putrid Crystalian that isn’t immediately engaged within the battle along with your summon. But if you happen to can then strive combating Putrid Crystalian (Spear) subsequent.
  • Similar to the earlier battle, strive breaking its poise or hitting it with backstab assaults.
  • Once you defeat it go after the third one and eradicate it utilizing the identical trick.

Do keep in mind it’s best to use strike weapons all through the battle as a lot as attainable. Below are a number of the finest Strike weapons that it’s best to strive utilizing on this battle.

  • Hammer
  • Curved Club
  • Nightrider Flail
  • Battle Hammer
  • Grafted Dragon

If you’ve a mage construct then it’s secure to make use of the next spells:

  • Terra Magica
  • Rock Sling
  • Comet Azur
  • Gavel of Haima
  • Greatblade Phalanx

That covers every thing it’s best to find out about tips on how to beat Putrid Crystalian in Elden Ring and its weak spot. If you intend to take different elective bosses then test our guides on tips on how to beat Royal Knight Loretta, Astel, and Crucible Knight within the sport.

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