Elden Ring – How To Break A Glowing Statue


Glowing Statues in Elden Ring are figures of Maiden which have a giant crack on their Torso the place a Light Shines by means of. Hence why they’re referred to as Glowing Statues. As you’ve got observed, interacting with them by getting shut or putting with a weapon does nothing. Most gamers would depart it as a result of they couldn’t work out what to do with them, that’s the place this information comes into the image. In this information, I’ll present you learn how to Break the Glowing Statue in Elden Ring.

How to Break a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring


glowing statue elden ring

As talked about above, a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring is a huge statue of a Maiden that’s lodged within the floor. Any motion carried out by the participant doesn’t have an effect on these Statues. As such many would flip away from them. But there’s a technique to work together with them. Once you break them, it is possible for you to to loot the assorted forms of Smithing Stones from them. That is purpose sufficient to at the very least attempt to open them. And opening them is a straightforward process so long as you possibly can survive.


The approach it really works is Glowing Statues are all the time close to a Giant enemy. If you see a Glowing Statue, know that there’s a Giant enemy close by. This shouldn’t be a warning, these enemies are the one ones who can break open a Glowing Statue in Elden Ring. All you must do is get the Enemy’s consideration and make them strike you whereas close to or on prime of the Glowing Statue. This will break it. Enemies that may do that are:

  • Trolls
  • Golems
  • Lesser Runebears
  • Giant Crabs
  • Dragons


Lure them close to the Glowing Statue and watch them crumble it. After that both defeat the Enemy or run round them and loot the Statue for the Smithing Stones. This was every thing it’s best to know in regards to the Glowing Statue in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You may examine our different guides like Let Me Solo Her Meme Explained in Elden Ring.

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