Elden Ring: How To Get & Use Fingerslayer Blade


You ought to discover the Fingerslayer blade in Elden Ring with the intention to make progress in Ranni’s questline. Ranni will ask you to search out the hidden treasure of Nokron. This is that hidden treasure, making it one of many Key objects within the sport. And whereas the title may deceive you it isn’t a weapon, somewhat it serves one other objective. So on this information allow us to test get and use Fingerslayer in Elden Ring.

How to Get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring


how to use fingerslayer blade in elden ring

You can get Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring within the Nokron Eternal City. The closest web site of grace to it’s Night’s Sacred Ground.

  1. Fast journey to Night’s Sacred Ground.
  2. Next, go northeast in direction of the enormous constructing. There are a number of mimic tears on the best way, you may combat or ignore them.
  3. Enter the constructing and open the primary chest in entrance of you.
  4. You will discover the Fingerslayer blade and Great Ghost Glovewort right here.


In case you don’t have the Night’s Sacred Ground web site unlocked comply with the under steps.

  1. Fast Travel to Ancestral Woods web site of grace.
  2. Jump on the roof-like balcony in entrance of you.
  3. Next, leap on the ledge on the alternative constructing.
  4. Follow the ledge then leap on the Balcony of the subsequent constructing in your proper. You must be at Night’s Sacred Ground.
  5. Keep heading southwest.
  6. You ought to see two statues on these stairs.
  7. Jump on the dome-like tower in entrance, then leap on the opposite facet. You can combat or run previous the Silver Tear enemy.
  8. Go south from right here then maintain going straight in direction of the east.
  9. You ought to attain a room with many white candles.
  10. Go down the steps and exit the church.
  11. Outside the church, you will discover the Night’s Sacred Ground web site of grace.

How to Use the Fingerslayer Blade


You can use the Fingerslayer Blade by giving it to Ranni. This will enable you progress in her questline and she offers you the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward for it.

That sums up this information on get and use the Fingerslayer blade in Elden Ring. Since you propose on progressing on this questline take a look at our information on repair the can’t go away Ranni’s Rise error in case you find yourself getting this difficulty.

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