Elden Ring – How To Use Bloodflame Blade?


There are many incantations spells that you would be able to equip throughout your journey in Elden Ring. All the incantations carry totally different standing results upon them. Bloodflame blade is among the incantations spells that debuff your enemies with blood loss. Even after coping with the harm, the well being bar of your enemies will proceed to deplete. It is a fairly deadly incantation spell to make use of in opposition to bosses. So, right here’s our information on the place to get and use the Bloodflame blade in Elden Ring.

Where to Get the Bloodflame Blade?

  • Head over to the Rose church positioned close to the Liurnia of Lakes. Check out our information on get to Rose church.
  • You can encounter a number of Albinauric enemies over there.
  • As you attain there, head a bit west in direction of the Lake.
elden ring get use bloodflame blade
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  • Lock onto a Teardrop scarab and destroy it to get Bloodflame Blade.
  • But as not all of the Teardrop scarabs drop Bloodflame blade spell, ensure to strike most of them till you get the spell.

How to Use Bloodflame Blade in Elden Ring?

  • Once you have got obtained the Bloodflame blade spell, head over to the Roundtable maintain.
  • Go to Enia, the finger reader, to purchase a Finger Seal.
  • Then, head to a Site of grace closest to you.
  • Select Memorize spell possibility to equip the incantation spell.
  • You can depart the location of Grace to take a look at this incantation.
  • Make positive to equip a Finger seal when utilizing a Bloodflame spell.

That’s all on the place to get and use the Bloodflame blade spell in Elden Ring. If you appreciated this information, ensure to take a look at our different guides on the finest incantations tier checklist, use magic spells, and use smash fragments and their areas in Elden Ring proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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