Elden Ring: Strength Vs Dexterity


While taking part in Elden Ring you may be questioning which is best Str or Dex? Strength and Dexterity are two of the most typical stats that you’ll want to degree up for utilizing most weapons. Both of them serve their completely different functions primarily based on the builds you intend on utilizing. So on this information allow us to shortly test Strength (Str) Vs Dexterity (Dex) in Elden Ring.

Strength (Str) Vs Dexterity (Dex) in Elden Ring


elden ring str vs dex

While selecting Strength or Dexterity you need to contemplate your playstyle and the construct you’re going for. Another factor to bear in mind is if you’re planning to make use of your weapon two-handed or dual-wielding them. And lastly, you also needs to consider if you wish to play PvE or PvP. Let us find out about each of them. Let us test each of those stats.

  • Strength (Str): Strength builds are perfect for courses like Vagabond and Hero. These weapons are on the heavier aspect and therefore deal extra injury to the poise. A minor draw back although is that they assault slowly. Hence they’re suited in case you use them two-handed. Another factor to recollect is that they work higher in PvE and never a lot in PvP. The motive is they’re sluggish so in case your opponent is quick or a ranged attacker hitting them will be fairly arduous.
  • You ought to use power weapons if you’re going for a tank-like construct. As that can let you take injury when you can assault. This will assist you to give attention to attacking relatively than blocking or dodging.
  • Dexterity (Dex): You ought to go for a Dexterity construct in case you like quicker gameplay. These weapons are often fairly mild. So with a Dex construct your focus is on mild and quick assaults. You additionally want to concentrate on enemy assaults to well timed guard or dodge them. Another benefit of a Dex construct is that they let you apply standing results in your enemies. In reality, a number of the greatest bleed weapons scale with dexterity. These builds are additionally ideally suited for each PvP and PvE.


So to sum it up in order for you heavier assaults and your character is on the bulkier aspect, go for a Strength construct. And in order for you quick gameplay and plan on attempting many various combos then go for a Dexterity construct.

That covers this information on Strength (Str) Vs Dexterity (Dex) builds in Elden Ring. If this information was useful to you then you need to try our Elden Ring guides for assistance on extra such matters.

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