Elden Ring Weapon Scaling & Damage Explained


Many gamers are on the lookout for an evidence for the way weapon scaling works in Elden Ring. If you might be one such participant then fear not, as you might be on the proper place. Weapon scaling is an important idea within the recreation because it impacts how a lot injury your weapon can do. So on this information allow us to see how weapon scaling and injury work in Elden Ring.

How does Weapon Scaling work in Elden Ring

how weapon scaling works in elden ring

Weapon scaling works by scaling up or rising the injury output of your weapon utilizing the completely different stats or attributes of your character. It is a reasonably easy idea that after you grasp will enable you to grow to be highly effective shortly. In order to correctly perceive this idea allow us to take the instance of the weapon under.

When you purchase Longsword from the Twinmaiden Husks on the Roundtable maintain you will notice that the bottom injury of the weapon is 110. You also can verify from the tools display screen that this weapon scales with the attributes of Strength and Dexterity. So within the above picture, our character has 31 Strength and 32 Dexterity. Hence the Longsword has the bodily assault energy of 110 + 39.

how weapon damage works in elden ring

Next, we upgraded our weapon to Longsword+1. Now the bottom injury of the weapon elevated from 110 to 116. Here now we have not but upgraded our Strength or Dexterity. So Longsword+1 has the bodily assault energy of 116 + 42.

elden ring weapon damage explained

Finally, we leveled up our character’s power attribute by 1. So now our character has 32 Strength and 32 Dexterity. So though we didn’t improve our weapon, you may see a rise within the bodily assault energy. It continues to be Longsword+1 however now it has the bodily assault energy of 116+43.

That is why weapon scaling is beneficial, even should you don’t have the required supplies to improve your weapon. You can merely stage up your character stats and improve the injury output. The extra you improve your weapon. The higher its attribute scaling will get. So within the case of Longsword the Strength & Dexterity have a scaling of D. But whenever you improve it to Longsword+10 its scaling turns into C for Strength and D for Dexterity.

That explains all the pieces it’s best to find out about how weapon scaling works and the way it impacts the injury in Elden Ring. Now that you know the way weapons work you also needs to verify our information on how the Character Stats work on this recreation.

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