Elden Ring: Where To Find Fort Haight


You ought to discover the situation of Fort Haight in Elden Ring for 2 foremost issues, to get the Left Dectus medallion and to finish Kenneth’s questline. The Left Dectus medallion is essential because the title suggests it’s the left piece of the medallion that opens the Grand raise of Dectus. As for doing Kenneth’s questline has its personal perks. But earlier than you are able to do any of that getting there’s a should. So allow us to rapidly verify the place Fort Haight is in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Fort Haight in Elden Ring?


where to find fort haight in elden ring

You can discover Fort Haight on the west aspect of Limgrave. This is how one can get to it:

  1. Fast Travel to the Gatefront web site of grace in Limgrave.
  2. From right here, use the principle street and go southeast and it’s best to attain the Waypoint Ruins Cellar.
    • Now you’ve got two choices:
      • Reach there immediately
        1. You might both maintain heading southeast till you attain the jap fringe of Limgrave. This will immediately deliver you to the Fort Haight West web site of grace, it’s best to discover the fort close to it.
      • Follow the street however take a longcut
        1. Or you’ll be able to observe the principle street and go north this could take you to Mistwood Outskirts. This web site of grace is vital as you could find the NPC Kenneth close to it.
        2. When you retain following the principle street north it’s best to ultimately attain the Third Church of Marika web site of grace.
        3. From this web site observe the principle street south and after a number of twists and turns you’ll attain the Fort Haight West web site of grace.
  3. Finally, go east from this web site and you’ll attain the Fort.


fort haight map location

What to do in Fort Haight?

As talked about earlier than, you could find this fort to get the Left Dectus Medallion. You can do this by clearing the fort of all its enemies. In the method, additionally, you will get Ash of War: Bloody Slash and the Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook (6).


Once cleared the fort you’ll be able to return and discuss to Kenneth to get Erdsteel Dagger. If you proceed his questline additionally, you will get Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

That covers the whole lot it’s best to know to search out the situation of Fort Haight in Elden Ring and what to do there. I recommend you additionally verify our Elden Ring part for those who need assistance with another issues about this sport.

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