Elden Ring – Where To Get The Bolt Of Gransax?


While Elden Ring has a plethora of buffed weapons or armaments, there are solely 9 legendary armaments to wield. The bolt of Gransax is likely one of the 9 legendary armaments that you will discover out throughout the paranormal Lands Between. It is a spear that offers with power and dexterity attribute factors. As you get a trophy or achievement for amassing all 9 armaments, you may not need to miss on this legendary spear. So, right here’s our information on the place to get the Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring.

Where to Find the Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring?

  • You can discover the Bolt of Gransax on the Lyndell Royal Capital after defeating the golden spectral shade model of Godfrey.
  • Once you’ve got defeated Godfrey, the primary Elden Lord, relaxation on the Erdtree Sanctuary, Site of Grace to save lots of your location.
  • Then, you could get down by way of the elevator. Take a left till you see a path of golden footprints.
  • Even in case you don’t see the path, you’ll discover an unlimited golden monument of the spear to your left.
bolt of gransax location elden ring
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  • As you lean downwards, you’ll discover the Bolt of Gransax glowing all the way down to the spear monument.
  • You have to drop down precisely on the monument to keep away from fall injury. Then, stroll as much as the Bolt of Gransax to gather and procure it.
elden ring bolt of gransax
Image Source – CloudPlays on YouTube.
  • This legendary spear inflicts lightning upon your enemies and will be fairly useful throughout boss fights.
  • It consumes over 20 Strength and 40 Dexterity attributes. As it consumes 35 FP, upgrading your Mind attributes can assist unlock its full potential.
  • Although it can’t be upgraded with magic or Ashes of War, you possibly can improve it utilizing the Somber Smithing Stones.

That’s all on the place to get the Bolt of Gransax in Elden Ring. If you appreciated this information, try our different guides on the place to get the Magma Blade, tips on how to get the Goldmask Armor Set, and tips on how to get Black Knife Armor in Elden Ring proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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