Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Get More Hero Feathers


Fire Emblem Heroes is a free-to-play tactical cell recreation by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. The cell recreation is a spin-off of the basic Fire Emblem sequence. As you progress with the sport, it’s good to improve your items. But to unlock their full potential, you want Hero Feathers. These gadgets unleash the potential of the characters in your items. As you unlock the potential, their star rely additionally will increase. Although these things can neither be bought with cash nor orbs, there are a number of methods to get them. So, right here’s our information on learn how to get Hero feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes.

How to Get Hero Feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes


As talked about earlier, there are a number of methods to get Hero Feathers. Here are all of the methods to get them:

Send Unwanted Heroes Back Home

Perhaps the quickest technique to earn Feathers is by sending the undesirable heroes residence. You get extra feathers by sending heroes of higher rarities residence. To simplify, sending the characters of extra star rely or rank will aid you get extra variety of feathers.


Here are the variety of feathers you get for sending the items:

  • 1-Star: 5 Hero feathers
  • 2-Star: 10 Hero feathers
  • 3-Star: 150 Hero feathers
  • 4-Star: 300 Hero feathers
  • 5-Star: 1000 Hero feathers

But be certain that of which items you’re sending off as you can not get them again.


Greet Your Friends & Interact With Your Allies

  • You can work together and communicate along with your heroes as soon as a day if you see hearts above their heads. This rewards you with 5 Hero feathers.
  • For each good friend that you simply ship greetings, you’ll obtain 5 feathers.
  • You can rise up to 15 feathers for sending greetings to your pals.

Playing the Arena Duels


Upon collaborating in an area, you may get loads of Hero feathers. You can grind on the Arena 3 times a day. When you win the primary match in an Arena, you recover from 3000 Feathers. But getting these feathers additionally depend upon a number of elements.

  • It will depend on the Rank and tier you’re on. The higher your tier is, the extra Hero feathers you get as a reward.
  • You additionally get the feathers in keeping with the enemies you’ve got defeated. The higher your Offense rating is, the extra hero feathers you’ll obtain.
  • You can recover from 1500 Feathers for an Offense rating between 2801-3000.
fire emblem heroes get hero feathers
Image Source – Split/Screen on YouTube.
  • In addition to that, the Arena Defense rating additionally determines the variety of Feathers.
  • If you rating nicely, you can too get a Rank reward to get loads of Hero feathers.
  • The rating of your Rank is set by your Offense and Defense scores.
  • As there are additionally a number of quests for Arena Duels, you can too full them.

That’s every little thing lined about learn how to get Hero feathers in Fire Emblem Heroes. If you preferred this information, try our different guides on learn how to get SP, Sacred Seals, and shards in Fire Emblem Heroes proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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