How To Beat Thunder Manifestation In Genshin Impact


There are totally different boss fights in Genshin Impact which can take a toll on you for those who have no idea tips on how to beat these tough bosses in the absolute best method. Thunder Manifestation, for instance, is a typical boss which can give a tough time to even one of the best gamers on the market. It is an impressive flying beast that may be a nightmare to battle towards. This article is all about How to Defeat Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact.

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How to Beat Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact

Defeating Thunder Manifestation is a activity that requires greater than a easy, straight ahead all-out assault. In truth, full frontal assaults with out a correct technique will get you nowhere when you’ll face this new enemy. The greatest technique is to first know every little thing about Thunder Manifestation together with its assaults, skills and the methods to counter them.

Origin of this Boss


Thunder Manifestation was launched to the gamers after Genshin Impact model 2.1 rolled out. One can discover Thunder Manifestation at Amakumo Peak on Seirai Island within the nation of Inazuma. Here is the twist- to problem Thunder Manifestation, you have to full a aspect quest on the Seirai Island. Here is an entire information on tips on how to full the Seirai Stormchasers Quest.

Since this widespread boss got here into existence, nearly each participant desires to battle and defeat Thunder Manifestation. There will be many causes for that matter however the largest motive is the reward, the ascension supplies that the profitable gamers will get. These supplies can be utilized to improve Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara, the brand new characters within the recreation.

Attack Patterns, Abilities & Strategies to Kill Thunder Manifestation


tips strategies defeat thunder manifestation genshin impact

Thunder Manifestation makes use of a collection of assaults that are, surprisingly, very straightforward to dodge. But, needless to say for those who ever get hit even by one in all its assaults, your character will undergo severe injury. To slay Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact, all it’s a must to do is attempt to keep away from all of its assaults and wait to your flip to battle again. Go via the checklist given beneath which accommodates all of the assaults and strikes that Thunder Manifestation makes use of:

  1. Wing Slash: A primary assault utilized by many alternative characters in numerous video games. Thunder Manifestation will merely swing both of its wings to strike your character. Do not get too near it or else you will be unable to dodge the assault in time.
  2. Spin Attack: Just because the title sounds, Thunder Manifestation spins quickly whereas spreading its wings to assault your character. This assault will be actually harmful so that you can even get hit as soon as as a result of it’s a transfer that consists of a collection of assaults with no pause in between, which might even break your character’s defend. Before beginning to spin quickly, Thunder Manifestation flies increased than common and rotates anti-clockwise for a second or two.
  3. Teleportation: Though it’s not an assault, Thunder Manifestation can teleport anyplace on the battlefield which might shock you. It may even be the sheer pace of our boss that has electrical energy at its core however no matter it’s, it’s so quick that teleportation is the right option to put it. Luckily, Thunder Manifestation is not going to assault you immediately after teleporting in entrance of you. Thus, you should have sufficient time to both assault or preserve the space between you and your opponent.
  4. Small Projectiles: Thunder Manifestation additionally makes use of a projectile assault that may be evaded with out a lot efforts. It creates 5 floating projectiles in a linear sample to assault you.
  5. Frontal Dash: Thunder Manifestation flies excessive, will get again near the bottom, floats in a round movement for a bit after which dashes in direction of you at an amazing pace that even shatters the bottom.
  6. Lightning Strike: Another assault that features Thunder Manifestation flying excessive and placing the bottom with heavy lightning a number of occasions.
  7. Thunder Cage: Thunder Manifestation creates a homing thunder cage that retains following you in your complete enviornment and if caught between its partitions, you will note your character’s hitpoints being diminished drastically.
  8. Lightning Walls: Thunder Manifestation will create two separate partitions of lightning on each of your sides. These partitions will now come nearer to you in an try and deal injury for those who keep in between them.


How to Avoid and Counter Thunder Manifestation’s Attacks

attack patterns thunder manifestation

Swing Attack

After swinging its wing for an assault, Thunder Manifestation leaves a big opening and alternative so that you can assault. Grab this opportunity and deal no matter injury you possibly can earlier than it prepares for an additional assault.

Spin Attack

One of the ‘Must avoid at all cost’ assaults by Thunder Manifestation. When our boss begins rotating anti-clockwise, you get the proper signal to resolve your subsequent transfer. You can both get away from the boss or simply sprint behind it to keep away from any injury. You is not going to get any alternative to assault Thunder Manifestation throughout this era so don’t attempt your luck right here.


This might sound a bit unusual, however you possibly can really stop Thunder Manifestation from teleporting to totally different places often. Try dashing behind the boss as quickly because it completes any assault, which can even provide you with many golden alternatives to assault it. Once you begin hitting it back-to-back, Thunder Manifestation could have a tough time teleporting from one place to a different.

Small Projectiles

You can simply dodge these projectiles by sprinting to both of the edges. Another efficient option to react to this assault is to get behind the boss as soon as all of the 5 projectiles are produced.

Frontal Dash

A excessive pace assault which might make you remorse your resolution if you don’t evade it on time. The solely factor that tells you the route of the sprint is the purple path that you will note on the bottom earlier than the assault. Quickly sprint out of the path to keep away from any injury. This transfer is a pair of two dashes, one after one other, so prepare for the following sprint too.

Lightning Strike

This assault will be prevented by merely transferring your character out of the realm of impact.

Thunder Cage

To keep away from the assault, all it’s a must to do is dash in the wrong way to the cage and it’ll disappear after a couple of seconds. Also, attacking Thunder Manifestation throughout this assault just isn’t a good suggestion.

Lightning Walls

To make sure that your character doesn’t get harm, you possibly can both run in direction of the lengthy exit of the partitions and get out of the lure or you possibly can sprint via one of many partitions. We advocate you to attend and assault the boss until the partitions are too shut after which you possibly can swiftly sprint via one of many partitions. It is an easy option to save your hitpoints whereas damaging your opponent too.

Best Strategies to Overpower Thunder Manifestation

Pair-up with Another Players

Genshin Impact permits gamers to team-up and play the sport collectively; why shouldn’t you employ this characteristic for your self? You can discover many gamers who’re prepared to assist others or need assist to defeat this boss. Look for such gamers and for those who work collectively, you should have a greater probability of profitable conquering Thunder Manifestation.

Play Smart, Not Hard

Rushing issues and making an attempt to win by utilizing many assaults directly is the worst factor one can consider. Defeating this boss requires persistence and proper judgement. Keep avoiding all of the assaults and wait to your flip to shine, as defined earlier.

Use Suitable Characters

Since your opponent and its assaults are utterly based mostly on electrical energy, don’t make the error of utilizing an electro character. Other elemental characters can show to be extra helpful on this battle. The greatest characters to play with towards Thunder Manifestation are those that belong to Pyro and Cryo components. Additionally, utilizing lengthy ranged characters is the way in which to go so keep away from utilizing melee characters. Using characters that may create shields is an efficient choice too.

Best Characters to Play with to Defeat Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact

best characters for thunder manifestation

Just like each weapon has its personal benefit towards a sure enemy or on a sure terrain, each character in Genshin Impact has its personal advantages while you battle any boss. Since Thunder Manifestation is a flying enemy that can give a handful to melee characters, you have to use these characters which excel in lengthy vary assaults to have a bonus within the battle. Some of one of the best characters that may be performed with to defeat Thunder Manifestation are:

  • Ganyu, Hu Tao and Ayaka: These characters are one of the best ones to battle Thunder Manifestation since their components immediately counter that of our enemy. Using these characters will even have a big influence on this battle.
  • Klee, Yoimiya: Long ranged characters have the higher hand over melee characters as they will assault even when the enemy is way away from them or flying excessive within the sky. Melee characters should not have this profit.

Though we don’t advocate it, even melee characters can be utilized in a battle towards Thunder Manifestation. But it’ll take far more time and efforts so that you can defeat this boss, who retains flying and attacking, with a melee character.

So, this sums up every little thing that it’s essential know to defeat Thunder Manifestation in Genshin Impact. Try and comply with all the guidelines that we talked about right here and you’ll positively beat Thunder Manifestation. After defeating this boss, the rewards will probably be ready so that you can improve the brand new characters.

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