How To Get Dragon Breath In Blox Fruits Roblox


If you’ve received your eyes set on the Dragon Breath preventing model in Blox Fruits, we’ve have simply the information you’re looking for. Players will want Fragments for this function and we are going to clarify the best way to get them as nicely.

How to Unlock Dragon Breath Fighting Style in Blox Fruits


Players can be taught the Dragon Breath preventing model from an NPC named Sabi. He’s current within the Kingdom of Rose space in The Second Sea. Get to the arched doorway on prime (proven within the picture under) and discuss to the NPC. You do want 1500 Fragments for it, so let’s check out the best way to get that first.

How to Unlock Dragon Breath Fighting Style

How to Get More Fragments in Blox Fruits?


Players can purchase Fragments by spending Robux within the store. But in case you don’t have Robux or don’t want to spend cash, there’s a strategy to acquire them in-game.

  • You can defeat rip_indra or Blackbeard/Darkbeard to get 1500 Fragments, however these can be powerful fights. That’s as a result of they’re stage 1000 and stage 5000 bosses.
  • Defeating somebody with a Title of Youtuber can result in 2500 Fragments in addition to 250K Beli.
  • Don’t neglect to test the Fragments Chests in Mirage island.
  • Players may also beat a Sea Beast to gather 250 Fragments and defeat a Ship Raid to get 200 Fragments.
  • Apart from this, those that full Fruit Raids can get 1000 Fragments however provided that you don’t die through the raid.
  • Lastly, defeating Elite Pirates and Training Dummy can get you some further Fragments.

These ought to undoubtedly enable you gather the mandatory quantity of Fragments, after which you’ll be able to meet up with Sabi. Interact with him and click on on Trade. This is the best way to get Dragon Breath in Roblox Blox Fruits.



  • Dragon Rush – Z
  • Dragon Flames – X
  • Dragon Explosion – C

That’s all for this one! For extra associated to Blox Fruits, take a look at our guides on Gamer Tweak. For instance, right here’s the best way to attain Sea 3 within the sport.


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