How To Get Gunpowder In Rust (3 Ways)


Crafting is a vital a part of a survival sport and one of many issues that you’ll find yourself looking for is Gunpowder. It’s essential as a result of you will have it whenever you want to make ammo in addition to explosives to raid and destroy participant bases. So, discover and get Gunpowder in Rust? Let’s have a look.

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How to Get Gunpowder in Rust?

how to make gunpowder in rust


Players can use considered one of 3 ways to acquire Gunpowder on this sport:

  • Use the Crafting Menu.
  • Use the Mixing Table.
  • Recycle objects.


How to Craft Gunpowder

To craft 10 Gunpowder, you want two sources:

  • 30 Charcoal
  • 20 Sulfur

How to Get Charcoal in Rust

  • Charcoal could be obtained by burning Wood with the assistance of a Campfire or a Furnace. As the wooden burns, it would flip into Charcoal.
  • Players can craft a Campfire with 100 Wood (which could be harvested from timber utilizing numerous instruments).
  • A Regular Furnace would require 50 Low grade Fuel, 100 Wood and 200 Stones to craft.

How to Get Sulfur in Rust


  • Players should smelt Sulfur Ore in a Furnace (Regular or Large) to acquire Sulfur in Rust.
  • And to get Sulfur Ore, you could mine rock nodes. A rock that’s filled with Sulfur can have a greenish-yellow shade on it.
  • Plus, you may discover some rocks scattered round which may give be fabricated from Sulfur Ore as properly.

Crafting Menu

Now that you’ve gathered all of the required supplies to craft Gunpowder in Rust, go forward and discover a Workbench and use the crafting menu. It ought to take about 2 seconds to craft this merchandise.

Mixing Table

  • For extra effectivity, you should utilize a Mixing Table to craft Gunpowder. Simply strategy and work together with one and add Sulfur Ores and Charcoals. Drag and drop the fabric icons and click on on Start Mixing. This will take 5 seconds.


If you have got some undesirable objects (reminiscent of ammo or different explosives) in your stock, you’ll be able to put them within the Recycler and get Gunpowder from this technique.

That’s all there’s to it! Based on the time you have got earlier than a raid, you’ll be able to select any of the aforementioned strategies to get this useful resource. Once executed, you should utilize it as an ingredient in ammo such together with Incendiary Rocket, Incendiary Pistol Bullet, HV Pistol Ammo and many others. Apart from ammo, additionally, you will require this materials in case you are planning to craft a Land Mine, Survey Charge, Beancan Grenade in addition to an F1 Grenade. Overall, it’s a raiding must-have.

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