How To Get Through The Lake Of Rot In Elden Ring


If you’ve got been grinding on Elden Ring for a very long time, you would possibly know what’s Scarlet Rot. It is a kind of Status impact that inflicts injury upon its build-up. Once the build-up fills up totally, it inflicts higher and quicker injury than Poison. As you go by way of the Lake of Rot, you may get the Scarlet Rot because of the Red waters. But as your complete area is stuffed with the Lakes, it’s worthwhile to go throughout it to go by way of the area. Not to fret, right here’s our information on how you can get by way of the Lake of Rot in Elden Ring.

How to Get to Lake of Rot


  • To attain the Lake of Rot, it’s worthwhile to head to the Ainsel River important.
  • As you go by way of the Ainsel river, head within the southwest path.
  • You will come throughout the Nokstella Waterfall basin, the location of Grace as you progress by way of the journey.
  • Then, you will see that an elevator that can take you to the Lake of Rot.
  • As you enter the placement, you may relaxation and save your location on the Lake of Rot Shoreside, Site of Grace.
  • Near the placement, you’ll encounter a Nomadic Merchant.
  • This is the right time to stack up assets.
  • You should purchase the Preserving Boluses to remedy the Scarlet Rot. It prices round 2500 Runes.
  • We additionally recommend buying a number of consumables, talismans, and incantations which may aid you go by way of.
  • Also, ensure to stack up a bunch of Flask of Crimson tears.

How to Get Through Lake of Rot in Elden Ring


  • As you dive into the Lake, you will notice the build-up for Scarlet Rot filling up.
  • Try to get on constructions above the lake to keep away from getting it crammed.
  • But as you keep in an space for lengthy, it will likely be lined by a number of Basilisks swimming within the lake.
  • Be cautious of those creatures as their smoke can inflict the Death standing impact.
  • Now, it’s possible you’ll discover a number of damaged constructions of the pillar.
  • When you stand on them, it would set off and lift the close by landmasses.
  • We must stroll the way in which by way of the Rot lake to succeed in the Grand Cloister.
elden ring how to get through lake of rot
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  • While it might probably set off the Scarlet Rot, you need to use the Preserving boluses and Crimson tears to your support.
  • Once you attain the doorway, take a left to discover a Red waterfall going downwards.
  • You can take the steps down to search out the Grand Cloister, Site of Grace.

That’s all on how you can get by way of the Lake of Rot in Elden Ring. If you favored this information, try our different guides on the Four Belfries locationSeedbed Cursed places, and how you can get and use the Tonic of Forgetfulness in Elden Ring proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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