How To Travel Between Continents In Lost Ark


While we all know teleport utilizing Triports, it solely enables you to quick journey from one level to a different on the identical landmass. But the map of this recreation is very large. How do you journey between continents in Lost Ark? This information will present you the way in which.

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How to Travel from One Continent to Another in Lost Ark

To quick journey between continents rapidly, that you must use the port that each continent has. From there, take a Ferry to the port of the opposite continent by paying a price and voilà, you’ll attain your vacation spot quickly.


Note that the price for the Ferry will rely on how far you want to go. Also, the boat leaves each 2 minutes so gamers don’t have to attend too lengthy in the event that they miss one.

How to Use the Ocean Liner in Lost Ark


  • Talk to the Legendary Adventurer positioned in Vern Castle. Check the backside proper part of the map to seek out him.
  • He will inform you how the Ocean Liner is quick and handy. Click on “I’d like to know how to use it.”

ocean liner quest lost ark

  • Accept the search which has 12,000 Silver because the reward.
  • Basically, the Ocean Liner will assist you to journey to a port you have got visited earlier than instantly. If it’s a port you have got used earlier than, you should use it via the Ocean Liner Agent, Riff.
  • Keep in thoughts that some ports require sure circumstances. For instance, there are the Rohendel and South Vern ports and you’ll go to them solely after finishing the quests which are related to their unlocking course of. Moreover, gamers can journey to particular islands when an occasion is held. And there are additionally continents which aren’t related in accordance with the port’s location. These are some things you need to know earlier than embarking on the journey.
  • Whenever you need to get off the Ocean Liner, you are able to do it by way of Riff. But keep in mind that the Silver that you’ve got already paid to get on it is not going to be refunded.
  • Find and speak to Riff in North Vern’s Port Krona.
  • Now select a continent from the window that seems and click on on Board to get aboard the Ocean Liner.

how to use ports ocean liner

  • You will see a timer that reveals the time left till setting sail. Wait for a bit and you’ll have efficiently travelled between continents in Lost Ark.

This is journey between continents in Lost Ark. Speaking of touring, don’t miss out on use the Bifrost to teleport as properly.


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