Introducing Sojourn, Overwatch’s newest hero


Sojourn is able to deploy. As a former Overwatch Captain, Sojourn fields talents designed to plan, lead and execute strikes on her opponents.


The thirty third Hero on the roster, Sojourn, provides a novel mid-range gameplay expertise and a package filled with some unbelievable mobility and artillery. Senior Hero Designer Josh Noh has been main the cost on her gameplay improvement, whereas Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer wrote lots of Sojourn’s in-game voice strains. They’re each right here to provide us perception into her conceptualization and play model.



The Railgun’s major fireplace is a fast projectile that generates power on hit. The power Sojourn generates from her major fees up her secondary, which is a high-impact shot that consumes the saved power. “The Railgun is where Sojourn started,” says Noh. “We wanted to make a mid-range hero that rewards accuracy, but still makes it fun for varying levels of skill and gameplay.” Sojourn generally is a troublesome hero to play—the extra correct your goal, the simpler you’re going to be together with her Railgun, leading to a excessive ability ceiling with a variety of energy weighted in her Railgun’s secondary fireplace.


Her playstyle highlights her character and character. “Sojourn’s somebody who’s tremendous detail-oriented and thorough, which I feel leans into her package being accuracy-heavy. She is a superb tactician and positively a ‘measure twice, cut once kind of person,” says Moyer.


Disruptor Shot

Disruptor Shot is an AOE ability that will snare enemies and eat away at their health. Sojourn can use this to increase the effectiveness of her Railgun. Early prototypes of this ability did massive damage to barriers, but the ability was finalized to complement her secondary fire. “Disrupter Shot evolved from shredding barriers to slowing enemies down with a snare that allows Sojourn to get an easier shot with her secondary fire.”



It’s greatest to maintain your eyes on Sojourn; in the event you get caught in her Disruptor Shot, there’s likelihood she has you in her sights. “Sojourn’s cybernetic abilities help her eliminate variables,” explains Moyer, “The disruptor shot has a slow that improves her odds and makes her more accurate, minimizing any chance for mistakes.”

Power Slide

Sojourn’s Power Slide provides exceptional mobility to her package. It’s a rocket-powered slide that may be cancelled right into a excessive leap at any time by leaping. Utilize this skill appropriately and also you’ll have the ability to shortly reposition Sojourn. “We wanted to add a vertical element to her kit to enable her to quickly access high-ground vantage points and help solidify her role as a mobile damage hero,” says Noh.

“Her abilities are baked into her cybernetic body that allows her to execute her objectives,” explains Moyer. “Sojourn has had a lot of cybernetic upgrades in her life, starting out of necessity in her childhood. Eventually, she started opting-in for cybernetic upgrades when she was in the military.”

Sojourn selected these talents to turn out to be the best fighter she may very well be— a stark distinction to her fellow Hero, Genji, who was pressured to take his cybernetic physique. Her cybernetic physique and skills are a way to an finish, however solely her goal issues.

Overclock (Ultimate)

Sojourn’s Ultimate skill routinely fees her Railgun’s power for a brief period and permits her photographs to pierce enemies.

Overclock is one other instance of how mechanical ability and accuracy are tremendously rewarded with Sojourn’s package. When she prompts her final, her Railgun’s secondary fireplace will allow her to shortly get rid of enemies with high-powered photographs. “We wanted it to feel almost like the hitscan version of a Genji Dragon Blade,” says Noh. “You will have a limited time to make a big play or you could miss all your shots.”


We’re anticipating her gameplay to evolve, however now we have seen developments all through testing up so far. “She’s probably not going to be a hard flanker, but it’s easier for teams to spread out in a 5v5 world. You can poke from wider angles, and that’s where Sojourn’s mobility becomes important.” Power Slide allows Sojourn to skirmish with enemies after which retreat to her workforce when she wants assist. “We’re looking forward to seeing how people play Sojourn in the upcoming April 26th beta! We know she has a high skill ceiling,” Noh says, “so the team will be looking at how she performs at different skill levels to make her feel good for everyone.”

This is a crucial second for our workforce as a result of we really feel Sojourn represents what makes Overwatch particular, each as a recreation and an thought. The world may all the time use extra heroes, and the selection is yours to reply the decision.

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