Minecraft: Best Enchanting Table Setup


Minecraft is a Sandbox Survival recreation by Mojang that grants the gamers freedom to do no matter they please underneath sure World Rules. Many gamers have made many wonderful and exquisite issues like SMPs, Gigantic Builds, RPG Realms, Redstone Machines, and so on. To survive on this recreation, you’ll need good gear. After getting that Gear, you’ll need to Enchant to additional improve the Gear. Enchanting add properties to your Gear which makes it simpler to do duties within the recreation. The important method of Enchanting is through the use of the Enchanting Table. In this information, I’ll present you the Best Enchanting Table Setup in Minecraft.

Best Enchanting Table Setup in Minecraft


best enchanting table setup minecraft

Before you may Setup your Enchanting Table in Minecraft, you’ll have to discover a devoted room or area for it. Once you do, comply with the beneath steps.

  • Place your Enchanting Table within the center
  • Leaving a niche of 1 block, make a U-shape with Bookshelves as proven within the picture.
  • the underside layer can have 9 Bookshelves & the highest can have 6.
  • After that, you may place your Chest, Anvil & Grindstone as seen within the picture.
  • Now for lighting, I’ve chosen Shroomlights however use no matter you’re feeling like.
  • An Enchanting Table will empower your Gear so make its room a bit enchanting.
  • Change up the flooring, and the partitions, & when you have ornamental Mods on then use them as nicely.
  • Make positive to not place any block between a Bookshelf & the Enchanting Table or else it gained’t be buffed by the Bookshelf.
  • You can have greater than 15 Bookshelves for adornment however that’s the minimal requirement to get the best set of Enchantments.
  • You also can double up with the Anvil & Grindstone to attain symmetry.


This was concerning the Best Enchanting Table Setup in Minecraft. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You also can take a look at our guides like How To Get A Totem Of Undying in Minecraft.

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