Minecraft: How To Make A Map Bigger


When somebody is asking make a map greater in Minecraft, it may well imply one in all two issues. Either you is perhaps seeking to enhance the blocks within the map thus aiming for a bigger world, otherwise you imply to zoom extra within the map you maintain in Minecraft. Whichever it’s, don’t fear, they primarily would imply the identical factor relying on what you’re aiming for. Today we are going to concentrate on ‘Expanding’ the map in your hand in-game. So let’s get proper into it.

How to Make Map Bigger in Minecraft


Seed Minecraft 1.18 Lake in middle of mountains

To make a map greater in Minecraft, mix your Map with Paper within the Cartography Table to improve it to Level 4 Map (1280 blocks). Now the Minecraft world scaling ratio will go from 1:1 to 1:16 by map degree 4. This means your map will cowl an space of 128×128 blocks, 256×256 blocks, 512×512 blocks, 1024×1024 blocks, and 2048×2048 blocks for Zoom Level 0/4, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 respectively.

So to zoom out you could add paper to Map within the cartography desk for every zoom degree. Let’s take a look at this in a step-by-step method beneath:


  1. Combine any 4 Planks to create Crafting Table
  2. Combine any 4 Planks with 2 Paper to create Crafting Table
    • ie, x4 Planks + x2 Paper = x1 Crafting Table
  3. Now mix 4 Iron Ingot with 1 Redstone Dust to get Compass
    • ie, x4 Iron Ingot + x1 Redstone Dust = x1 Compass
  4. Now mix 8 Paper with 1 Compass to get an Empty Map
    • ie, x8 Paper + x1 Compass = x1 Empty Map
  5. Maps created with out a compass won’t have location markers
  6. This is a clean map
  7. Now maintain this empty map in your hand
  8. Press proper click on on the mouse or LT on the controller
  9. Now this can convert right into a Map merchandise
  10. Go to Cartography Table
  11. Combine map with paper to improve a map degree
  12. You can do that as much as 4 occasions

Here’s a video from Stingray Productions explaining all these steps clearly:


That’s all about make a map greater in Minecraft. While you’re right here, don’t overlook to take a look at the record of one of the best 1.18 Texture Packsfinest Minecraft 1.18 shaders make a non-public server1.18 Ore Distribution Guide, and obtain Minecraft Forge for mods, and rather more.

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