Minecraft: How To Make A Redstone Piston Door


One of the issues in Minecraft which you can make is a piston door. It is a cool and even sensible creation that may make your world a greater place. Puns apart, making a piston door is sort of straightforward and solely wants some supplies. So allow us to rapidly test tips on how to make a Redstone Piston door in Minecraft.

How to Make a Piston Door in Minecraft


minecraft make a piston door
Image Credit: BlenDigi on YouTube

You can simply make a piston door in Minecraft that may open and shut from either side.

  • Create the doorways.
  • Link the torches.
  • Completing the doorways utilizing Pressure plates.
  • And for an additional however optionally available step, you may also make the door work from the opposite facet. In order to make the Piston door, you will want:
    • Sticky Piston: 6
    • Gray Concrete Blocks: 8 (You can use different blocks as properly however for this text, we are going to use Gray Concrete blocks)
    • Redstone torches: 6
    • Redstone Dust: 10
    • Pressure plate: 2
    • Blocks to replenish the area


A tip right here is it’s best to strive making this in Creative mode. This will prevent the time of amassing sources. And can velocity issues up.
Here are the precise steps for it.

Creating Doors

  1. Start by inserting three Sticky Piston going through on the fitting. You have to position them on prime of one another.
  2. Next, depart a four-block area and do the identical however this time the Sticky Pistons needs to be going through the left.
  3. Now, place a Redstone torch behind the underside sticky piston on the left. You will see the piston work.
  4. Place a grey concrete block behind the center sticky piston.
  5. Finally, use Redstone mud on prime of the grey concrete you positioned behind the center Sticky Piston.
  6. Repeat these steps for the opposite facet.
  7. Both the Sticky piston ought to now be prolonged.
  8. Now, fill this two blocks area with Gray Concrete blocks.


Linking the torches

  1. You must dig a three-block deep gap to hyperlink the torches.
  2. Dig the primary block by three blocks in entrance of each the torches.
  3. Next, dig the entire line from block 1 to dam 8 by three blocks. Referring to the primary Redstone torch at block 1 and the second Redstone torch at block 8.
  4. Now, add one layer again to the bottom-most blocks from block 2 to dam 7.
  5. Add torches on the 2nd final block beneath our authentic Redstone torches. You have to do that step for each the Redstone torches.
  6. Now, place one Redstone mud in entrance of the underside block of those new torches.
  7. Next, add a torch in entrance of the Redstone mud. Repeat this step for the opposite facet.
  8. Finally, join each of those torches by inserting Redstone mud from block 2 to dam 7.

Complete the door utilizing Pressure plates – Make a Piston Door in Minecraft


  1. Fill up the highest layer that you just beforehand dug, with blocks of your alternative.
  2. Place 2 strain plates leaving an area of 1 block in entrance of the grey concrete doorways.

When you step on these strain plates the doorways ought to open.

Make the door open from the second facet.

  1. For making it work on the opposite facet you want additional 8 Redstone Dust and a pair of extra strain plates.
  2. If you need to make the door open from the second facet then dig two blocks price of area.
  3. Start constructing from the blocks in entrance of your strain plates.
  4. Dig this area for 4 blocks.
  5. Add the Redstone mud on all 8 blocks.
  6. Now, cowl the higher layer with blocks of your alternative.
  7. Finally, add the 2 strain plates on the other finish facet the place you added the final set of Redstone mud.

Now you will notice the door works from either side.

Thanks to BlenDigi on YouTube for sharing this tutorial. In case you’re caught someplace and want just a little additional assist then undoubtedly take a look at their video beneath.

That covers this information on tips on how to make a Redstone Piston door in Minecraft. For extra attention-grabbing creations take a look at our information on tips on how to make a dance ground, and make a mirror. Also, test tips on how to restore a trident.

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