Minecraft – How To Make Pumpkin Pie


As not consuming meals can result in hunger, it’s fairly essential to stack the meals consumables in Minecraft. If you retain on coping with the hunger injury, it may possibly additionally end in loss of life. Hence, why not relish with a chunk of Pumpkin pie? It can elevate the saturation and restore your starvation factors. Saturation is a standing impact that stops Death by starvation. So, right here’s our information on how you can make Pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

How to Make Pumpkin Pie in Minecraft


  • To make a Pumpkin pie, you want the next gadgets:
    • Sugar 
    • Egg
    • Pumpkin block
  • You can produce sugar from items of sugarcane. You can discover them close to water our bodies like ocean biomes, rivers, and lakes.
  • If you’ve gotten a sugarcane farm, ensure to take a look at our information on how you can make sugarcane develop quicker.
  • You can get the eggs from chickens. If you’ve gotten a hen farm, it will likely be simpler to acquire them.
  • Finding pumpkin blocks generally is a bit tough. But you may get the Pumpkin blocks on the snow-covered biomes, woolen tents, and close to the woodland mansions.
minecraft make pumpkin pie
Image Source – EKGaming on YouTube.
  • Once you’ve gotten all of them collectively, open a 3×3 grid crafting desk.
  • Place the pumpkin within the first block, sugar on the subsequent, and an egg on the final block.
  • As you craft them, you possibly can take pleasure in and relish the Pumpkin pie. It can restore over 8 starvation factors and has a 4.8 saturation standing impact on consumption.
  • If you don’t discover the gadgets to craft the pie, it’s also possible to get the pie from an Apprentice villager. Check out our information on how you can stage up the villagers to Master stage.
  • There’s a 50% likelihood for these wandering villagers to trade Pumpkin blocks in change for emeralds.


That’s all on how you can make Pumpkin pie in Minecraft. If you preferred this information, take a look at our different guides on how you can make a fermented spider eye, how you can make a Rainbow sheep, and how you can make a potion of invisibility in Minecraft proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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