Minecraft: How To Repair A Trident


You can discover it tough to restore a trident in Minecraft. One of the explanations for it’s, {that a} Trident can’t be crafted. So the one option to get a trident is from a drop from Drowned. This is a uncommon drop from them, and this weapon can be utilized for each melee and ranged combats. But the sturdiness of a trident is 250. Hence it may possibly get broken fairly quick. So on this information allow us to verify the right way to restore a trident in Minecraft.

How to Repair Trident in Minecraft


minecraft how to repair tridents
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You can restore your Trident in Minecraft by combing two broken tridents. While the method in itself is fairly easy the strategy you employ to restore impacts its enchantments. The cause we’re combining two of them is as a result of tridents can’t be crafted. For most weapons that may be crafted, you may as well use their supplies to restore them on an anvil. But sadly that isn’t the case with a trident. There are 4 methods you possibly can restore a trident on this sport.

  • Repairing utilizing Crafting Table
  • Using an Anvil to Repair
  • Repair utilizing Grindstone
  • Using the Mending Enchantment on it


Repairing Trident in Minecraft utilizing a Crafting Table

Use a crafting desk and mix two broken tridents. This technique will restore the Trident and enhance its sturdiness however will take away any enchantments from the weapon.

Using an Anvil to Repair


When utilizing an Anvil you need to mix a traditional trident with a broken trident. This technique not solely repairs the trident but additionally retains its enchantments.

Repair utilizing Grindstone

This technique works just like while you restore utilizing a crafting desk. You have to mix two broken tridents to restore and enhance their sturdiness. Using a Grindstone is barely higher than a crafting desk as a result of regardless that each of them take away enchantments. A Grindstone received’t take away Curse of Binding and Curse of Vanishing out of your trident after repairing it.


Using the Mending Enchantment on it

When you apply the mending enchantment on it. This will restore your trident utilizing XP orbs. While you’re holding the trident it can restore 2 sturdiness for each 1 XP orb.

That sums up this information on the right way to Repair a Trident in Minecraft. I recommend you try our Minecraft guides to seek out data on extra such fascinating subjects.

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