Payday 2: How To Upgrade The Safehouse


Payday 2 is a Cooperative FPS recreation the place you and your crew carry out heists in action-packed missions in a narrative or Multiplayer. Once you full your Death-defying Heists, you and your crew should get again to your Safehouse. A Safehouse is your important base of operations from training your gunplay to extra missions, lore, and so forth. As such, the Safehouse is a vital POI within the recreation & upgrading it’s key as it’s going to unlock extra content material. In this information, I’ll present you the way to Upgrade your Safehouse in Payday 2.

How to Upgrade the Safehouse in Payday 2


upgrade safehouse payday 2

You can improve the Safehouse in Payday 2 by utilizing Continental Coins or CC. Continental Coins or CC are a type of in-game forex useful resource that may be obtained by way of a number of strategies. Perform the next steps to get quite a lot of CC in your Safe House in Payday 2.

  • For each 500K XP, you’re going to get 1 CC, excluding Crime Spree.
  • By finishing Safe House Raids, you’re going to get 6 CCs.
  • By finishing Daily Safe House Side Jobs, you’re going to get 6 CCs.
  • Claiming Rewards by progressing by way of the Crime Spree.
  • Complete Achievement Milestones.
  • Progressing & finishing the Storyline missions. This will get a complete of 135 CCs.
  • Unlock Trophies & get 6 CC per (This is relevant for those that do reward the participant with Continental Coins).


Once you get the required quantity of Continental Coins, it is possible for you to to improve your Safehouse. You will want a complete of 828 Continental Coins to fully Max out your Safe House. The extra you do, the extra content material you achieve and the sooner you’ll progress by way of Payday 2.

This was all about the way to improve your Safehouse in Payday 2. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You can even verify our different guides like How To Get The Jacket Character Pack & Best Mods in Payday 2.

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