Pokemon GO: How To Get Revives


Knowing tips on how to get revives in Pokemon GO is essential. You would possibly have to revive your greatest pokemon earlier than taking down a fitness center. They additionally come in useful to revive your Pokemon once you plan on taking a raid battle. So it doesn’t matter what your want is, on this information allow us to verify tips on how to get extra Revives in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Revives in Pokemon GO


pokemon go how to get revives

There are some ways which you could get revives in Pokemon GO. Before we get to them you will need to know, that there are two varieties of revives within the recreation. The first is Revive which brings again your Pokemon with half its well being. And the second is the Max Revive which brings again your Pokemon with their whole HP. These are all of the methods so that you can get revives on this recreation.

  • Leveling up
  • Spinning discs of Pokestops and Gyms
  • Opening items
  • Completing duties


Leveling as much as get revives in Pokemon GO

As you catch an increasing number of Pokemon and refill your Pokedex your character ranges up. And with every new stage, you get rewards and a type of rewards are revives. You can begin getting revives from stage 5 as much as stage 29. Here is the precise variety of revives you get per stage.

Level Revive
5 10
6 5
7 5
8 5
9 5
10 10
11 3
12 3
13 3
14 3
15 10
16 5
17 5
18 5
19 5
20 20
21 10
22 10
23 10
24 10
25 15
26 10
27 10
28 10
29 10


After that you just get max revives from stage 30 to stage 49. These are the max revives you get per stage.

Level Max Revive
30 20
31 10
32 10
33 10
34 10
35 20
36 10
37 10
38 10
39 10
40 40
41 20
42 20
43 20
44 20
45 40
46 20
47 20
48 20
49 20

Spinning discs of Pokestops and Gyms


Just because it says you must spin the discs of any Pokestops or Gyms that you just come throughout. Remember to clear up your bag regularly, as a result of whether it is full you will be unable to spin them. Thus dropping the possibilities of getting any doable revives.

Opening Gifts

An important expertise of Pokemon GO is having associates and sharing items with one another. Thus everytime you open the items you obtained you’ve gotten an opportunity of getting revives from them.

Completing duties

There are numerous analysis duties or event-based duties, whereupon finishing them you get revives.

That covers this information on tips on how to get Revives in Pokemon GO. I recommend you verify our different Pokemon GO guides to get assistance on extra such matters.

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