Pokemon GO How To Get Venusaur Mega Energy


If you will get Venusaur Mega Energy in Pokemon GO, you’ll be able to evolve your Venusaur right into a Mega Venusaur. It is without doubt one of the Pokemon that will get a mega evolution. This evolution isn’t everlasting although and solely lasts for some time. The finest a part of it’s, that it offers your Pokemon stats a lift and makes them highly effective. And what higher Pokemon to mega evolve than one of many starters from Gen 1. So on this information allow us to examine the best way to get Venusaur Mega Energy in Pokemon GO.

How to Get Mega vitality for Venusaur in Pokemon GO


pokemon go get venusaur mega energy

You can get Mega Energy for Venusaur in Pokemon GO utilizing 3 ways.


  • Defeat Mega-evolved Venusaur:Defeating a Mega-evolved Venusaur in a raid grants you essentially the most Mega Energy. This can also be the assured solution to get it, the one downside is you need to anticipate raids to occur. Without raids, you gained’t be getting any Mega Energy. Since Mega Venusaur is a Grass Poison Pokemon you need to problem it utilizing Fire, Flying, Ice, or Psychic Pokemon. These are a number of the finest counters for it.
    • Mega Charizard X & Y
    • Mega Blaziken
    • Pidgeot
    • Galarian Articuno
    • Glalie
    • Togekiss
  • Walk a Venusaur as your buddy: Set a Venusaur as your buddy and stroll with it. This might be the most effective technique for you when you stroll your buddy repeatedly. Remember that it’s slower than defeating a Mega Venusaur in Raid. There are two catches with this technique although. You will solely get Mega vitality by strolling when you’ve got already mega developed your Venusaur up to now. Thus when you’ve got by no means developed a Mega Venusaur earlier than then this technique gained’t be of any use to you. And the second minor downside with this technique is, you gained’t all the time get Mega Energy. That means not like the way you get Pokemon candies by strolling, Mega Energy is rarer and can drop much less incessantly.
  • Complete analysis duties: Check if there’s an occasion happening that may give you Mega Energy for Venusaur. If there’s then full these duties to get it as a reward.

That sums up every thing you need to find out about the best way to get Venusaur Mega Energy in Pokemon GO. If you propose on making an attempt different Mega evolutions then additionally examine our information on the best way to get Abomasnow Mega Energy.


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