Pokemon Legends Arceus: How To Evolve Magmar


You ought to evolve your Magmar in Pokemon Legends Arceus to get a Magmortar. This is likely one of the strongest fireplace Pokemon within the sport. And that is true not only for Legends Arceus but in addition for a lot of different titles within the collection. So with out additional ado allow us to shortly test the way to evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to Evolve Magmar in Pokemon Legends Arceus


how to evolve magmar in pokemon legends arceus

You can evolve your Magmar right into a Magmortar on this sport by utilizing the Magmarizer. It is an evolutionary merchandise that’s obligatory for evolving Magmar. Here is what it’s essential do.

Be certain to have your Magmar in your Pokemon social gathering so as to use the merchandise wanted to evolve it.


  1. Open your Satchel and search for Magmarizer.
  2. Next, choose it and select use.
  3. Now, choose Magmar out of your Pokemon social gathering.
  4. Once you employ the Magmarizer on it, you will note it would begin to evolve. After the animation is over your Magmar will evolve right into a Magmortar.

How to Get Magmarizer in Pokemon Legends Arceus

There are 3 ways to get a Magmarizer in Pokemon Legends Arceus.


  • Trading Post
    1. Go to the Jubilife Village and head for the Trading Post.
    2. Here you’ll be able to spend the Merit Points you earned in change for various gadgets. To earn benefit factors merely discover the misplaced satchels within the totally different areas and return them.
    3. Buy the Magmarizer for 1400 MP.
  • Ginter’s Specials
    1. Go and discuss to Ginter on the Ginkgo Guild Shop in Jubilife Village.
    2. Here, purchase the Magma Box for 10000 Poke {dollars}.
  • Space-time Distortions
    • While these don’t happen incessantly, search for any Space-time distortions that is likely to be taking place. Go there and accumulate all of the gadgets that you could as they spawn. If you might be fortunate a Magmarizer may spawn there.

How to Get Magmar

There are two methods to get a Magmar in Pokemon Legends Arceus.


  • Evolve It
    • In case you catch a Magby you’ll be able to then degree it as much as finally evolve it right into a Magmar.
  • Catch It
    • These are the places the place you’ll be able to catch a Magmar or a Magby.
      • Cobalt Coastlands
        • Firespit Island
      • Coronet Highlands
        • Ancient Quarry

With that, you now know all the things about the way to evolve a Magmar in Pokemon Legends Arceus, the way to catch it & getting a Magmarizer. For extra assist with this sport try our Pokemon Legends Arceus guides.

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