Roblox Deepwoken Map: All Locations


Roblox Deepwoken is an motion, fantasy, and permadeath recreation. It encompasses a huge open world that permits gamers to discover completely different areas inside it. But for gamers to discover these areas, there’s a twist. The recreation doesn’t characteristic any map for the gamers to navigate their manner via. So, gamers are fairly confused with their navigation. With the assistance of some gamers, we are able to divide the completely different sub-regions with their fundamental areas. So, right here’s an inventory of all of the places discovered on the Roblox Deepwoken map.

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All places on Roblox Deepwoken Map

As talked about, there is no such thing as a official map in Roblox Deepwoken. However, a number of gamers created and illustrated a self-made map for navigation functions. Mentioned beneath is the map for the Etrean Luminant illustrated and created by Twitter consumer @IscoFish.

roblox deepwoken map locations


Three main seas are stretched out all through the map of Etrean Luminant. They are as follows:

  • The Etrean Sea
  • The Aratel Sea
  • Void Sea

Mentioned beneath is the record of all of the areas and sub-regions positioned within the Eterean Sea:



  • Etris
    • Etrean Wilds
    • Etris Docks
  • Isle of Vigils 
    • Temple of the Blade
    • Temple Approach



  • Lower Erisia
    • Tomb of the Nameless Warrior
    • Pathfinder’s Respite
  • Upper Erisia
    • The Birdcage
    • Viper’s Jaw
    • Erisor’s Church
    • Towerstruck Lands
      • The Hidden Village

Temple of the Forgotten Flame

  • Temple Courtyard

The Garden Reservoir

  • Lord Erisia’s Manor
  • Burning Stone Gardens
    • Rat’s Den

Here are all of the areas and sub-regions positioned within the Aratel Sea:

Aratel Island

  • Starswept Valley
    • Lightkeeper Temple
    • Widow’s Hollow
  • The Lordsgrove
  • Bluster Rift
  • Merit’s Reach
  • Fort Merit

Other Islands

  • Songseeker Wilds
    • Songkeeper Temple
  • Summer Isle
  • The Monkey’s Paw
  • Greathive Aratel

Mentioned beneath are all of the areas and sub-regions positioned within the Void Sea:

The Void Sea

  • Boatman’s Watch
  • Voidheart

That’s all the things to know concerning the Roblox Deepwoken map. If you appreciated this information, take a look at our different guides on the best way to escape depths, races and rarity possibilities, and the record of all codes in Roblox Deepwoken proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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