Salt And Sacrifice: All Crimes & Items List


In Salt and Sacrifice, you get to select a Crime that decides the gadgets you get at the beginning. This mechanism is just like the Gifts in Dark Souls or Keepsake in Elden Ring. These gadgets are vital as they’ll make your sport barely simpler. So on this information allow us to test the checklist of Crimes, and the gadgets you get for them in Salt and Sacrifice.

Crimes in Salt and Sacrifice


salt and sacrifice crimes and items
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Here is the checklist of all of the crimes you could select from once you create your character.

  • Alchemy
  • Arson
  • Blasphemy
  • Brigandry
  • Drunkenness
  • Forgery
  • Heresy
  • Lasciviousness
  • Smuggling
  • Sumptuousness
  • Usury
  • Vagrancy


Below are the gadgets you get once you select a criminal offense and their use.

Crime Items List

  • Alchemy:3x Phlogiston Decoction. It is a consumable merchandise that bursts on influence. It additionally coats the floor with flammable liquid that does Fire injury. These are helpful as you may throw them from a secure distance at your goal.
  • Arson:5x Fire bombs. Another ranged weapon you could throw from a distance. This merchandise explodes on influence.
  • Blasphemy: For this crime you get Censer of Harmony. This merchandise is beneficial for PvP because it makes the creatures assault any hostile invaders.
  • Brigandry: It offers you Cutthroat’s Dagger. Use this merchandise to extend your most stamina.
  • Drunkenness:5x Cracked Wineskin. It is a consumable merchandise.
  • Forgery: This offers you the merchandise Forged Deed you could promote in-game.
  • Heresy: It offers you the Krine Tablet. This merchandise has the commandments written on it. It principally states that any motion that one takes is of the person and never of God.
  • Lasciviousness: You get the merchandise Lock of hair for this crime. It is a key merchandise that may come to make use of later within the sport.
  • Smuggling: For this crime, you get a Signal Lantern. This is a key merchandise that sailors use to speak from an awesome distance.
  • Sumptuousness: It offers you the Signet Ring.
  • Usury: For this crime, you get a bag of silver. You can use this bag to alternate for 1000 silver.
  • Vagrancy: You get a wood doll for committing this crime.


That covers this checklist of all crimes in Salt and Sacrifice and the gadgets you get for them. If you’re searching for extra assist with this sport then test our guides on the lessons, and the way to co-op, degree up, and craft & improve tools on this sport.

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