Salt And Sacrifice: How To Level Up & Use Tree Of Skill


Just like every Soulsborne recreation, you must stage up your character in Salt and Sacrifice. Leveling up your character is essential because it makes your character stronger. And with a strong character, you may tackle extra enemies and progress the sport. It can be essential when you plan on upgrading your abilities. So on this information allow us to verify easy methods to stage up and use the Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice.

How to Level Up in Salt and Sacrifice


how to level up in salt and sacrifice
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You can stage up in Salt and Sacrifice by interacting with the Trifaul Idol on Pardoner’s Vale.

  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Find the Champion Hera.
  3. Next, flip left from the world she is in and use the steps. First, go down then climb up two flights of stairs.
  4. Now, climb up the steps on the best.
  5. Once you attain the highest you can see the Trifaul Idol. The space ends right here.
  6. Interact with it and select the choice Level Up.
  7. Here enhance the stats or the attributes that you simply want to stage up.


You will devour Salt for leveling up your character.

How to Use Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice

Accessing the Tree of Skill is tremendous simple and will also be executed from the Trifaul Idol.


  1. Go to Pardoner’s Vale.
  2. Make your strategy to the Trifaul Idol as defined above and work together with it.
  3. This time select the choice Tree of Skill.
  4. Now, choose and stage up the ability from this tree.

Leveling up your abilities prices Black Starstone.

Tips for Leveling Up


  • Spend your Salt: You get salt every time you remove enemies. Be it your common foes or Minions of Mages or Mages themselves. Defeating all kinds of enemies will grant you a special variety of Salt relying on the enemy. But everytime you die you lose your Salt and have one likelihood to go to the situation of your loss of life and retrieve them. If you die earlier than retrieving you lose the Salt. Hence you will need to use them everytime you get the prospect.
  • Know when to make use of Salt: This once more ties to the above tip. If there’s a excessive likelihood of you dying and never having the ability to retrieve the Salt. Then it’s best when you use it up. One of the very best instances to make use of it’s earlier than beginning a Boss combat.
  • Don’t choose each combat: Fighting new enemies is nice however all the time combating can take away quite a lot of your well being within the course of. So when you ought to combat the enemies whenever you enter a brand new space, keep away from combating them every time you die. It will solely frustrate you as it’ll make development sluggish. Don’t choose fights particularly when you haven’t any Salt. This is nice for exploration in case you die you actually don’t have anything to lose. But you’ll have explored the world.

That covers this information on easy methods to Level Up and use the Tree of Skill in Salt and Sacrifice. You also needs to verify our different guides on easy methods to play coop with buddies and easy methods to craft and improve gear on this recreation.

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