Scourgestone Guide V Rising: How To Make & Farm


V Rising is a Survival Action-Adventure recreation with Multiplayer. You play as a weakened Vampire who awakened from slumber on this recreation. Now you need to collect assets, battle foes, & construct up your Castle and Army. As having an abundance of assets is important, you must at all times be gathering & foraging for the assets at any time when attainable. Farming early within the recreation will show you how to to progress simply within the mid to finish recreation. This is true in relation to making Scourgestone. It is a element in lots of Magical Items that may present quite a few Buffs. In this information, I’ll present you Make & Farm Scourgestone in V Rising.

How to Make & Farm Scourgestone in V Rising


make scourgestone v rising

Scourgestone in V Rising is a crucial useful resource in your mid to finish recreation part. It is utilized in many Magical Items just like the Pendants and is utilized in making Dark Silver which is required to make end-game Armor. It will even come in useful for repairing Items so you’ll need quite a lot of it, like Chests upon Chests of it. Luckily, there is no such thing as a scarcity of strategies for getting Scourgestone within the recreation. You can craft it in addition to farm it in particular areas of the map. Farming is fairly simple, you’ll need to go to the Church of the Damned. In this space, additionally, you will encounter the stage 46 V Blood, Leandra the Shadow Priestess. Upon defeating her, you’re going to get the Recipe for crafting Scourgestone in V Rising.

To craft a single piece of Scourgestone, you’ll need 2 Whetstone, 4 Glass, & 4 Grave Dust. With the Matching Floor Discount, you’ll need 1 Whetstone, 3 Glass, & 3 Grave Dust. Take this stuff to a Furnance and you’re going to get Scourgestone in V Rising. Although the Church of the Damned gives you assured Scourgestone, you’re higher off exploring the Ancient Villages on the Cursed Forest. Here you’ll nonetheless be capable of get Scourgestone however additionally, you will get Grave Dust by killing Undeads. You can arrange your Servants to those areas and can robotically get the assets you want. Scourgestone is utilized in a wide range of issues however most notably for Dark Silver & Holy Resistance Potion.


This was all about getting Scourgestone in V Rising. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You may also try our different guides like Tristan The Vampire Hunter Location & Boss Fight Guide in V Rising.

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