Sims 4: How To Level Up Werewolf Rank


Sims 4 launched its new Werewolves Game Pack. You can play as one of many howlers beneath the moonlight. Many Sims followers are dashing to hitch this DLC pack and begin their journey as a werewolf. You can discover the world of Moonwood Mill and uncover what it means to be a werewolf as you start your new lycanthrope life. There are totally different werewolf ranks which you could play, and gamers are on the lookout for methods to degree up in Sims 4. If you’re on the lookout for the identical, let’s take a look at the reply on this information.

How to Level Up Werewolf Rank in Sims 4


Sims 4 Level Up Werewolf Rank

If you’re questioning the way to turn out to be a werewolf, then take a look at this information first. There are fairly a couple of actions that that you must do to degree up your werewolf rank. It additionally is determined by which character you select and the way you changed into a werewolf. Whether you have been bitten or have been born into lycanthrope can be essential in your present rank. Here’s what that you must do to degree up:

  • Start finishing all werewolf-related actions.
  • Socializing with different werewolves is a should in leveling up.
  • Mark your territory by accessing these expertise from the Abilities menu.
  • Take a wolf nap and browse werewolf materials.
  • If you work together with a wolf in your pack, it is possible for you to to discuss with them or do pack socialization by combating with them, enjoying Tug of War, or sharing experiences.
  • You may even mentor the younger werewolves and share your concepts and knowledge.


Interacting with wolves within the Moonwood Mill is a should if you happen to want to degree up. Once a inexperienced wolf-like image seems that lets you degree up one talent.

There are 5 primary ranks of werewolf:

  • Pup – Rank 1
  • Runt – Rank 2
  • Prime – Rank 3
  • Veteran – Rank 4
  • Apex – Rank 5


That’s all you want from this information on the way to degree up the Werewolf rank in Sims 4. While you’re right here, be sure to take a look at the way to use Werewolf Cheat Codes, and different Sims 4 guides, ideas, and tips proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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