T Rex Blooket: Why Is It The Hardest One To Get?


If you’ve been taking part in Blooket, then you definately would possibly that T Rex or the Tyrannosaurus Rex blooket is the toughest blook to get. But why is it so, and is there any method to get it simply? Today let’s have a look at every thing we learn about this legendary blook in Blooket.

Why Is T Rex Blooket the Hardest Blook to Get?


Tyrannosaurus Rex Blooket T-rex

In Blooket T Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex blook is simply accessible by the DinoBox, and it has solely a 0.3% drop fee likelihood. This makes it one of many hardest blook to get within the sport. If you might be fortunate sufficient to get one, you may promote it for 200 tokens to different gamers.

How to Get Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) in Blook?


To get Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-rex) in Blooket, you need to unlock Dino Box which prices 25 tokens every. There are 8 totally different blooks on this field with totally different drop charges:

  • Amber Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% likelihood
  • Dino Egg Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% likelihood
  • Dino Fossil Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% likelihood
  • Stegosaurus Blook (Uncommon) – 19.5% likelihood
  • Velociraptor Blook (Rare) – 9% likelihood
  • Brontosaurus Blook (Rare) – 9% likelihood
  • Triceratops Blook (Epic) – 3.7% likelihood
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex Blook (Legendary) – 0.3% likelihood

From the drop fee above, you may see that T-rex blook is the toughest one to get from this Dino Box. Can contemplating the truth that you want to unlock no less than 333 Dino Boxes to get 1 Tyrannosaurus Rex blook as per the drop fee, the price of 8325 tokens itself makes this one uncommon to get. But in case you are fortunate you’ll get this blook like many different gamers locally.


Tyrannosaurus Rex blook was launched alongside Deceptive Dinos Game Mode. Deceptive Dinos, just like the Blook Rush, you want to discover the gamers stealing from others whereas excavating dino fossils.

That’s all about this legendary blook in Blooket. While you might be right here, make certain to learn our guides on Blooket Hacks & Join a Blooket Live Game.

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