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The Quarry is a narrative-driven survival and horror online game by Supermassive Games and 2k. Although the sport is ready up in trendy occasions, it’s impressed by teen slasher motion pictures from the 80s and 90s. While it isn’t a protracted recreation, its branching and sophisticated storyline can increase the sport moreover. Coming to the central plot of the sport, Nick is among the 9 youngsters stranded within the Haccket’s Quarry. Each of the selections that you just take as you progress, can have an effect on the narrative in a number of methods. So, is there a option to save Nick within the Quarry? Read until the top to search out out.

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Can You Save Nick within the Quarry

The reply to this query is, Yes! it can save you Nick until the conclusion.

Due to this recreation being narrative-based, there isn’t a manner to do that with out spoilers. So, you’ll be able to anticipate tons of heavy spoilers for the Quarry!


As talked about earlier, it’s a narrative-driven videogame, and the selections you make decide the plot. Although a number of the components stay unchanged. For instance, Nick’s transformation right into a werewolf.

While it can’t be that dangerous, I choose being a Vampire over that. According to the lore of the story, the curse might be lifted as soon as the individual that contaminated you with the curse dies. So, listed here are all the selections that lead to saving Nick through the completely different chapters:

Chapter Three


When Nick and Abigail are reunited within the woods within the Haccket’s Quarry, a werewolf will assault them and chew Nick. As each supernatural lore suggests, he’ll rework right into a werewolf whereas the participant switches to Abi. Now, She can have two necessary selections to make, “Help Nick” or “Run to the Camp”. You want to select the primary choice to lure the werewolf away from him. Then, a hunter will attempt to take Nick away from the woods. Soon as Ryan enters the narrative, you can be given an choice to shoot. You want to verify not unintentionally shootand kill Nick.

Chapter Six

Due to the contaminated werewolf genes, Nick acts unusual and peculiar earlier than his intimate dialog with Abigail. But as quickly as Abi pushes him into the swimming pool, he faints and will get taken contained in the room to relaxation. While Abi tries to consolation him, he pushes her again and the character switches to Abigail. With a shotgun in your hand, you should determine whether or not to shoot or not.


This could appear a bit contradictory however you should shoot Nick. If you don’t, he would gruesomely kill Abi in his incomplete werewolf state. But upon capturing him, he’ll run away and full his transformation.

the quarry how to save nick
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Chapter Eight

As Ryan and Laura discover Haccket’s home, they arrive throughout Nick in an electrifying cage. While they don’t acknowledge him at first, Ryan acknowledges Jacob in a cage subsequent to him. If you don’t intervene, Laura shoots and kills Nick.

So, make certain to intervene and cease Laura from capturing.

Chapter Ten

Coming near the conclusion, on this chapter, we are going to notice that Caleb is the one which contaminated Nick. There are a number of methods to kill Caleb throughout this chapter. When Kaitlyn and Dylan are attacked by a Caleb within the werewolf type, lock him up within the freezer. If you kill Silas, the White Wolf, the curse will likely be lifted and Caleb will freeze to loss of life. But as Silas is killed, the curse could be lifted for everybody together with Nick.

But who’s Silas? That’s so that you can discover out!

That’s all on the way to save Nick in The Quarry. If you appreciated this information, try our information on the way to save Jacob in The Quarry proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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