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Pokemon Legends Arceus is an Open-world Pokemon sport the place the participant can expertise the world of Pokemon firsthand. It’s crammed with journey, motion, & the fun of catching all Pokemon. Speaking of catching, after you have accomplished the Main Storyline of the sport, you’ll get a Quest to seize all the Legendary Pokemon within the area of Hisui. As such, you’ll encounter each Legendary group even the Forces of Nature. The Forces of Nature consists of 4 Legendary Pokemon, i.e. Thundurus, Landorus, Tornadus, & Enamorus. of the 4, Thundurus is probably the most annoying one to catch. In this information, I’ll present you the Location and the way to catch Thundurus in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Thundurus Location in Pokemon Legends Arceus

thundurus pokemon legends arceus

After you might have accomplished the Main Storyline of Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll get a Quest from Cogita. Although, this Quest occurs after you defeat Volo after which return to Cogita. She offers you the Incarnate Forces of Hisui Quest. In this Quest, you’ll have to catch the Forces of Nature Pokemon. To get Thundurus in Pokemon Legends Arceus, you’ll have to go to his location in North of Sand’s Reach in Cobalt Coastlands. As apparent as it’s, you can not simply flip up on the location everytime you need. To discover him, you’ll have to go there in a Thunderstorm. You can do that by both ready or sleeping until you get the climate.

If there’s a Thunderstorm, it is going to be indicated by an icon on the high left of your display in your Map. Once there’s a Thunderstorm, go to the Sand’s Reach and you’ll discover to Horn like buildings within the ocean. And in that space a number of Tornadoes, surrounding Thundurus. This is how you could find Thundurus in his location in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

How to catch Thundurus?

You can equally catch Thundurus as some other Pokemon. Do be aware that it’s close to unimaginable to catch him with out battling him. To have a very good likelihood of taking him down, use an Ice & Rock Type like Hisuian Avalugg. Or if you’d like a Pokemon that resists Thundurus, then use an Electric Type. Battle Thundurus and convey it to Red Health, from there spam as many Ultra Balls as wanted until you catch Thundurus. You can even inflict standing results like Sleep, Paralysis, or higher but Frostbite to make the catching course of simpler.

This was all concerning the Location of the Legendary Pokemon Thundurus in Legends Arceus. Hopefully, this information has helped you. You can even try our information on All Legendaries & Mythics List in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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