V Rising: Beat Leandra The Shadow Priestess


In order to get the Spectral Assassin energy in V Rising, you must beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess. She is sort of a straightforward V Blood to combat because of her restricted strikes. But simply because she has fewer strikes, it doesn’t cease her from beating you in case you are reckless. She is a boss that additionally drops Structures and recipes aside from only a energy upon defeat. Hence with out additional ado allow us to examine how one can defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising.

How to Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising


v rising defeat leandra the shadow priestess
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In order to beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess on this sport, you must assault her till she loses all her well being. She is a stage 46 boss, therefore be sure that the gear your character makes use of, makes your stage at the least 46 or anyplace above it. Below are all the strikes she makes use of on this combat.

  • Assassin spawn:When the combat begins Leandra will use her shadow powers to summon or spawn Assassin’s these have considerably low well being however can deal fairly some injury. They attempt to assault you then dissolve to the bottom. You can dodge them by evading or blocking their assaults.
  • Ground Projectiles:She will create spear-like projectiles that shoot upwards from the bottom. You can see their animation, of them forming earlier than the launch. You can dodge it by getting away from it.
  • Shadow balls: She will put together and shoot three shadow balls on the participant. The middle one follows a straight line whereas those on the aspect assault the participant following a curved path. They have a restricted vary and all three shadow balls join and hit on the identical location. Once they hit on the identical spot they’ve an AoE assault that covers a superb space. You can dodge this assault by shifting in between the gaps of those shadow balls or by working away and getting out of its assault vary.


These 3 are principally the primary strikes she makes use of that you must look out for. Once you get used to her assault sample you may time your assaults by realizing the openings and finally chipping away her well being.

That covers every little thing you need to learn about how one can defeat Leandra the Shadow Priestess in V Rising. If you need assistance with another bosses of this sport then examine our guides on how one can beat Raziel the Shepherd, Vincent the Frostbringer, Putrid Rat, and Jade the Vampire Hunter.

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