V Rising Frostmaw The Mountain Terror Location & Boss Fight


As a vampire regaining his power whereas hiding from the Sun, you’ll encounter a number of V Bosses in V Rising. While you extract their V Blood, you obtain a number of vampire powers and talents. When you attain stage 56, you face up towards Frostmaw the Mountain terror. You would possibly have to hunt him down earlier than going through this brutal V boss. But defeating him unlocks a crafting recipe and a vampire energy. So, right here’s our information on methods to discover and beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising.

V Rising Frostmaw the Mountain Terror Location


You can discover him close to the corridors of the Hallowed Mountains surrounded by the snow positioned to the north of the Sacred Mountains. As you move by way of the snowy corridors, discover this boss able to combat till you aren’t undead. You also can monitor his blood down on the Blood Altar for a path. Once you might have chosen the “Track blood” possibility, observe the blood path to achieve his location.

How to Beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising

  • As the identify of this V boss already suggests, he’s a terrifying frost creature that can begin attacking as he notices you.
  • If you’re at a medium-range whereas combating him, he’ll inflict frost projectiles and cost nearer in direction of you.
  • The greatest method to negate the icy projectiles could be to dodge and use a defend.
  • You can use the chaos talents like Chaos Valley and Chaos Barrier for protection.
  • You also can use the skellies as they’re giant in quantity to distract him.
  • If you get hit by his projectiles, it could freeze and stun you for some time.


v rising frostmaw mountain terror location boss fight guide
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  • In addition to that, it is advisable watch out of his ground-slam assault as it could inflict heavy injury.
  • You can use therapeutic consumables to replenish and regain your well being. As another, you can even use the Blood Mend capacity for therapeutic.
  • We recommend sustaining a distance whereas combating him. If you might have General’s Soul Reaper weapon, it could inflict fairly a injury to this boss.
  • You can use a defend to dam his melee assaults. As he comes nearer, you possibly can sprint into him to inflict some injury.
  • You have to always change between offense and protection. Keep a secure distance and use ranged assaults upon him.

Once you might have defeated him, you’ll unlock the crafting recipe for Scrolls and the Ice Nova energy.


That’s all on methods to discover and beat Frostmaw the Mountain Terror in V Rising. If you preferred this information, try our different guides on methods to beat Raziel, the Shepherd, Vincent the Frostbringer, and Putrid Rat in V Rising proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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