V Rising: How to Beat Mairwyn The Elementalist


When you attain Silverlight Hills in V Rising you must problem and beat Mairwyn the Elementalist. She is a V Blood that drops the ability Crystal Lance and likewise the recipe for Imperial Thread. But aside from the drops even her battle is sort of attention-grabbing. So on this information allow us to test learn how to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising.

How to Beat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising


v rising how to defeat mairwyn the elementalist
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You can defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist on this recreation by attacking her till her well being reaches 0. She is trickier than the earlier bosses and has completely different elemental assaults up her sleeves. Her degree is 64 so it is strongly recommended you additionally degree up your character to degree 64 or above. Below are all of her strikes and their counters:

  • Fireball launcher:She throws a weapon on the participant that retains spinning in a spot after reaching its distance. This weapon repeatedly launches fireballs in 4 instructions whereas rotating. There are two methods to dodge it. You can both preserve transferring with the hole of one of many 4 instructions. Alternatively, you may additionally keep in your house and dodge the fireballs by transferring between two fireballs.
  • Ice Arrows:Mairwyn will shoot ice arrows at you. When the primary one hits you will notice the borders of your display screen have a freezing impact and your character will decelerate. If the second arrow hits you then your character will freeze. You can simply dodge them by transferring round.
  • Electric balls:She does an motion that costs electrical energy, you then get attacked by 4 or 5 electrical balls from completely different instructions. They are fairly medium-paced, so you’ll be able to dodge them in case you are on the transfer.
  • Energy blast:She will do an vitality blast that unleashes from the place she is standing and expands on all sides for a restricted vary. This transfer is fairly simple to dodge as all you must do is get out of its vary. You may see she is about to assault when she screams to cost up this transfer.
  • Clone skill: This skill could be a bit annoying trigger she clones herself and you must battle two of them. You can counter her by eliminating her clone first. It is well recognizable because it takes extra harm than the true Mairwyn. Eliminate the clone first so you’ll be able to deal with combating her.
  • Large fireball: In the later a part of her battle Mairwyn will produce a big fireball and freeze herself. During her frozen state she won’t take harm to her well being, however as an alternative, take harm to the freeze timer and defend. She additionally gained’t assault, as an alternative her fireball assaults. So one of the simplest ways to counter is to ignore her till she unfreezes and deal with dodging the mini projectiles launched by her massive fireball.


Once you be taught her strikes and assault her within the window between she launches her subsequent assault you should not have any bother eliminating her.

That sums up this information on learn how to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising. In case you missed combating any earlier bosses then you must test our guides on learn how to beat Quincey the Bandit King, and Beatrice the Tailor.

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