V Rising: What Are Illusion Abilities & How To Get Them


In V Rising there are differing types and affinities of skills, and phantasm is one among them. Knowing about them will assist you to plan out boss fights or the areas that you simply plan on visiting. But whereas every of them has its personal function, for this matter allow us to deal with the phantasm spells. So with out additional ado here’s what Illusion skills are in V Rising and learn how to get these magic spells.

What are Illusion Abilities in V Rising?


v rising what are illusion magic spells and how to get them

Illusion skills are one of many 5 completely different skills that you should use within the sport. As per the identify, one may assume these are extra misleading and illusionary when in comparison with the opposite skills your character can use. But simply because the identify is “illusion” don’t count on these magic spells to only disappear or be some meager type of decoy. This magic sort really has the flexibility to inflict various kinds of injury and results on its goal.

There are a complete of seven Illusion skills that you should use on this sport:


  • Spectral Wolf: Your vampire sends out a wolf that does 100% magic injury to the goal whereas additionally weakening them. This impact causes them to deal 30% much less injury for the following 5 seconds. This wolf can even bounce to close by enemies for as much as 2 hits after every hit.
  • Veil of Illusion: Dash to a goal route and evade any close by enemies for two.2 seconds. The subsequent main assault you do will trigger 25% further injury. When you solid this magic to sprint, it is going to create an phantasm at your preliminary location. This phantasm will launch assaults that deal 40% magic injury. If you reuse the spell, you’ll swap positions along with your phantasm.
  • Mist Trance: Use this magic to dam all projectile and melee assaults out of your enemies for as much as 1.5 seconds.
  • Spectral Assassin: Summon a Spectral Assassin at your goal location. It will do 125% magic injury to any close-by enemies whereas additionally weakening them and knocking them again. The targets affected by it is going to deal 30% much less injury for the following 5 seconds.
  • Mirror Strike: Use this potential to assault and bounce between close by enemies. This potential will deal a complete of 600% injury to all of the enemies hit by this transfer throughout the space after 3 seconds. This spell additionally weakens them by 30% for five seconds.
  • Spectral Guardian: Summon a Guardian to defend your allies within the space by 125% of your spell energy. It may even assault the enemies. The Spectral Guardian will final for 7 seconds and can reapply defend each 1.5 seconds.
  • Wisp Dance: Spawn 3 wisps round you. These will circle you and deal 25% magic injury to the enemies that are available its vary. You can reuse this magic spell to shoot all 3 wisps at your goal. This will deal your goal 50% magic injury and likewise scale back their injury by 30% for the following 5 seconds.

Just figuring out concerning the phantasm magic isn’t sufficient, you must also examine one of the best Abilities and Spells within the sport. Now allow us to examine how one can unlock these above-mentioned skills.

How to Get Illusion Magic


You can unlock the above-explained phantasm spells by beating the V Blood bosses that reward these skills. Here are all of them:

  • Spectral Wolf: Beat Polora the Feywalker
  • Veil of Illusion: Beat Polora the Feywalker
  • Mist Trance: Beat Foulrot the Soultaker
  • Spectral Assassin: Beat Leandra the Shadow Priestess
  • Mirror Strike: Beat Octavian the Militia Captain
  • Spectral Guardian: Beat Terah the Geomancer
  • Wisp Dance: Beat Gorecrusher the Behemoth

That ought to assist you to perceive all of the completely different phantasm skills in V Rising and learn how to get these magic spells. If you want some extra assist with different matters of this sport then take a look at our V Rising guides.


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