Vampire Survivors – How To Unlock The Gatti Amari


Vampire Survivors is an indie recreation developed and printed by Luca Galante. It is all about grinding into the countless abyss of the darkness till the solar comes up. As you progress into totally different levels, you may want passive gadgets, powerups, and weapons to struggle totally different enemies. Gatti Amari is without doubt one of the coolest weapons of this recreation because it summons cats by means of pentagram to struggle beside you. In addition to getting used as a weapon, these cats additionally decide up the consumables as they go by means of it. So, right here’s our information on tips on how to unlock the Gatti Amari weapon in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock the Gatti Amari in Vampire Survivors?


  • Gatti Amari is the beginning weapon of Giovanna Grana’s character. So earlier than you unlock this weapon, you might want to unlock Giovanna Grana as a playable character first.

vampire survivors unlock gatti amari


  • You can discover her within the coffin on the Inlaid Library on the second degree.
  • Once you’ve got discovered her coffin, you possibly can buy it to unlock her as a playable character.
  • Now, to unlock the Gatti Amari, you might want to grind as Giovanna for quarter-hour.
  • It will solely rain cats upon getting unlocked this weapon. The title Gatti Amari interprets to bitter cats. And belief me these cats are a bunch of nasty killing machines.
  • As you summon them, they’ll stroll in a vertical line to destroy their enemies.
  • Given their nature, these summoned cats may assault you with a scratch assault (which is kind of comprehensible).
  • These cats may begin a struggle with one different if they’re too shut.
  • As they decide up the consumables, a few of them have an effect on them.

Mentioned under are the consumables that provide buffs and debuffs to the summoned cats:


    • Consuming Little Clover merchandise can enhance their velocity twice.
    • If they eat Floor rooster, their attacking base probability will improve by 1.1 multiplicative and base harm by 1 additive.
    • If the cats eat Nduja Fritta Tanto gadgets, they’ll explode and disappear.
    • Consuming Orelogian can freeze the cats however you should use this merchandise.
    • If you would like no unfavorable results or debuffs, the summoned cats ought to decide up and eat at the very least 25-floor chickens.

That’s all on tips on how to unlock the Gatti Amari weapon in Vampire Survivors. If you preferred this information, take a look at our different guides on tips on how to get the Pummarolaand all weapon combos in Vampire Survivors proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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