Where To Find Golden Parry Ash Of War In Elden Ring


As you progress by means of Elden Ring, you get a number of weapons and magic spells. While you will need to equip buffed weapons to destroy bosses, it’s additionally fairly essential to maintain a robust protection. Golden Parry is an Ash of War that gives gamers a default ability of Golden Parry. It provides you Sacred affinity and you should utilize this on small or medium shields. If you like parrying enemies fairly than the cheese methodology, this Ash of War is likely to be appropriate for you. So, right here’s our location information on the place to seek out the Golden Parry Ash of War in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring Golden Parry Ash of War Location


You will discover the Golden Parry Ash of War by hanging the Teardrop Scarab on the Capital Outskirts. It is positioned to the east of the Altus plateau and out of doors of the Leyndell, Royal Capital.

  • As you attain the Capital Outskirts, head in a northeast route from the Outer Wall Phantom tree, the location of Grace.
  • You may encounter a bunch of Skeletal Militiamen in your means. Either battle or keep away from participating with them.
  • You will discover a Teardrop Scarab sitting on the left of the ledge.
golden parry location elden ring
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  • You can use a bow to hit it from a distance or head there to strike it with a melee assault. Make certain to be cautious as they’ll escape from small areas.
  • Once you may have struck or hit it, it would drop the Ash of War: Golden Parry.
  • As talked about, it has a default ability of Golden Parry and requires 4 FP.
  • This Ash of War provides extra vary that may be useful whereas preventing a number of enemies.

That’s all on the place to seek out the Golden Parry Ash of War in Elden Ring. If you preferred this information, try our different guides on the place to seek out the Vargram, the Raging Wolf, Flame Grant me Strength, and the Banished Knight Armor in Elden Ring proper right here on Gamer Tweak.

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