Who Are Harold Ford Jr Parents? 

Harold Ford Jr’s parents are well known for their political views and accomplishment prior to Harold Jr’s election at the US House of Representatives from the Tennessee region.

Harold Ford Jr was born on May 11, 1970, in the Memphis of Tennessee region to his father Harold Ford Sr and his mother Dorothy Bowled Ford.

His father Harold Ford Sr was serving in the Tennessee office as a member of the Senate before being succeeded by his own son.

Harold Ford Sr and Dorothy Bowles raised their son Harold Ford Jr alongside his other two brothers viz. Jack and Issac.

Similarly, Harold Ford Sr later remarried another lady in his life, which would account for his second marriage.

From that marriage, Harold Sr would be blessed with his other two children viz son Andrew and daughter Ava.

The Harold family maintained their solid and robust presence and influence in the Memphis region Black Community.

It all started solid when Harold’s grandfather established the famous funeral home, which led to their good names in society.

Meet Harold Ford Jr’s Father Harold Ford Sr & Mother Dorothy Bowles Ford

Harold Ford Jr’s father Harold Ford Sr was also a politician and member of the US House of Representatives.

He served as the Tennessee 9th District Senate member from January 3, 1975, to January 3, 1997.

He was succeeded by his own son Harold Ford Jr who would go on to lead the office for the next ten years.

He retired from the congress in 1996, the year when his son arrived at Tennesse from New York and a year later, he was in the representative office.

Not much has been divulged about miss Dorothy Bowles Ford but she has been supportive of Harold Ford’s political career.

Explore Harold Ford Jr Net Worth Details

Harold Ford Jr holds a massive net worth of over $10 million from his political career and annual earnings.

He has been a sound politician and a proud Senate representative and always maintained a good reputation.

He married Emily Threlkeld, a public relations officer.